Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In the funeral stillness of the chapel
We wait.
Together we begin to sing
How Great Thou Art?
Our finish brings silence as
We wait.
The preacher's somber voice
brings words of solace, faith and forgiveness.
Prayer is quiet
and we wait
in the silence
as grief permeates the walls
and we soak in the enormity
of our loss.
Faith and salvation are the theme
as we learn that her
name is written
in the palm of God's hand
as He comes to take her home.
We sing Rock of Ages
The piano's final chords ring melancholy
in the impending silence.
The walls of the chapel
shudder with our realization.
We wait no more
and grief shines on our faces
as we rise to meet our
life without her.

Marsha Salerno September 2007

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