Sunday, October 04, 2009

Waiting Room

This is a place of equality
a place of expectation
where all who enter
hope for a quick and easy
Waiting on--
it could be anything--
innocuous reasons
or life and death.
But the waiting room
remains a place of expectation
where the result is unknown,
the future untold.
Resignation, boredom, protocol,
grief, excitement
quiet whispering, arguing
siblings, helpless bureaucrats
following endless rules.
Overheard parts of conversation are
tantalizing and mysterious.
Guessing background and stories
can ease boredom and
The longer the wait the more
it seems that an
answer will
be brought forth.
But all
are eventually released
from the waiting room.

Marsha Salerno


Driving at night
black road
black night
headlights attempt
Is it enough light?
Drive on -- blindly.
My body feels frozen
I am alone,
trying to trust the
other souls driving this
night-shrouded route.
My legs are gone.
Only the pressure of the pedal and my hands on the wheel exist.
My companion stirs
"Are you ok?"
I laugh,
paranoia ebbs.

Marsha Salerno

Daddy Sang That Song

It is bittersweet to
have a memory powerful and
complete that brings with
it a strong emotion,
a good memory that
a smell or song evokes
but seeing it now
with the loved one
brings a deep sadness
which cannot be quenched
with reason.
A reason which says
--Hey--it's good to
remember good times and pleasant things.
But the sadness
oozes out with tears
even though it is a smile
that should come and a
thankfulness for the memory
not this overwhelming

Marsha Salerno